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Record Production In Phoenix
By Michael Daniel
Recording, Mixing and Producing
Major Label Sound At An Affordable Price
Everything Needed To Make Hits


How I Can Make You Confident

In my experiences, I've found that confidence comes with solid grasp of fundamentals, artistic awareness, and a knowledge of how to prepare for a performance. I'll bring 20 years of experience and musical mastery to your project. Most importantly, I care. I will not take on a project that I do not care about as I would my own music.

How I Can Make You Comfortable

I've recorded as a musician in many studios. A studio environment has a strong tendency to be cold and clinical. That vibe is rarely conducive to making the best music. Relatively speaking, I believe in creating an environment that is all about music.

-No clock watching.

-I have a contemporary, inspiring 'lounge' and patio with cable TV, VCR, DVD and, of course, Sony Playstation.

-You are welcome to prepare food in my fully-equipped in-home kitchen. Take-out and delivery menus are also available.

-I always maintain a positive, pleasant and respectful attitude towards clients.

In total, I think you'll find the comfortable surroundings, relaxed atmosphere, and caring professionalism found in Point Studios makes it a rewarding place to work. You'll find yourself wanting to return for your next project. You will sound better than you ever have!

Point Studios waiting area
Panoramic view of the 'indoor lounge' of Point Studios.

outdoor lounge of Point Studios
Panoramic view of the outdoor lounge of Point Studios.


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